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Issue 01 • September 2018


Welcome to Revista Mulher Neurocirurgiã [Female Neurosurgeon Magazine], a Special Edition of the Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Neurocirurgia [Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery Journal], the BSN Hoje [Today] Magazine. The launch of this Special Edition at the XXXII Brazilian Congress of Neurosurgery, in Porto Alegre, RS; could not be more appropriate, since it coincides with the first symposium specially prepared for women, within the official scientific program of the event. This publication emerges from the creation of the Women in Neurosurgery Committee, a temporary commission formed in June 2017, which became permanent in October of the same year for the first time in 60 years of BSN’s history. The Committee’s mission is to motivate and encourage female neurosurgeons to achieve their professional and personal goals; serve BSN and neurosurgery in addressing the issues inherent to training and professional practice; maintaining a diverse and balanced workforce; and encourage young students not to give up on their dreams. And nothing better than a special journal focusing on the female neurosurgeons to foster these goals. The approval and encouragement of BSN’s Board of Directors (Management 2017-2018) were fundamental to the realization of this project. In this edition, we discuss the progress made by female neurosurgeons in Brazil and in the world, with testimonies, interesting stories and perspectives for the future. The main objective is to draw a comprehensive narrative, walking through the different journeys that brought women to the stage in which they are today, and contributing to overcome the invisibility situation imposed on them.

Dra. Mariangela B. Gonçalves

Editor of the magazine Mulher Neurocirurgiã SBN - Special edition.


We also talk about education, the market and women’s rights. The first part of the journal presents the challenges and achievements of female Brazilian neurosurgeons according to the reports of national and pioneer references. Then medical students and residents of neurosurgery talk about motivators and difficulties inherent of entering the medical residency and at the beginning of the medical career. The subject of motherhood and neurosurgery is focus of a specific article. The diversity of experiences is evidenced in the reports of female neurosurgeons from different continents who highlight the challenges of the profession. The last thematic block “Elas por eles [Women by men]” includes interviews and articles of Brazilian male neurosurgeons on the coexistence with female neurosurgeons and a reflection on the exercise of neurosurgery by women. The Journal, therefore, brings together a series of data and information that lead to the discussion about women and neurosurgery in Brazil and around the world. From different sources and with different points of view, it presents a panorama and contextualizes the reality of neurosurgeon women. To prepare this panorama, we built a survey and made it available to all 134 members of BSN. The results are essential information for the conclusion of this publication and enabled the creation of the directory, presented at the end of the Journal. In order to complete and enrich this historical record, we also consulted international experts, through interviews, data collection and research. In Brazil, as well as all over the world, organized groups of women, such as Women in Neurosurgery in the United States, take control of their own destiny. And we believe that this thought can be replicated among us with the useful and pleasant reading of the Revista Mulher Neurocirurgiã [Female Neurosurgeon Magazine]. It can inspire and create opportunities for all those who already exercise and for those who dream of exercising this fascinating specialty. Good reading!

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